@Elfa_inLondon Reviews BFB ‘Red Barn’

Earlier this year we sent fabulous blogger Elfa from californianmuminlondon.com and her family to review family-friendly cottage, Red Barn in North Cornwall as part of our Parent Panel initiative. Find out what she thought below;

‘Cornwall has always been in the top five of my UK destination wish list. It is known for its beautiful beaches, great seafood and many attractions. Really, who wouldn’t want to visit?! So I was thrilled when the lovely folks from Baby Friendly Boltholes invited us to stay at one of their North Cornwall properties for two nights over the Easter holiday.

My family and I have stayed in a few cottages in the UK, but this was our first time with Baby Friendly Boltholes. And although we don’t have a baby (my youngest is almost six), a family-friendly property really does make all the difference. As a parent, you’re already packing a ridiculous amount of things when you go on holiday with your children, and it helps to stay somewhere that has some of the things you need. At Red Barn, there were games, DVDs and toys (Dubz was partial to the transformers and the army men, which I had to make sure didn’t end up in his suitcase).

My son’s favourite part of staying at Red Barn were the chickens. Or actually, it was being able to get fresh eggs from the chickens every day. That boy loves scrambled eggs. And those eggs really were yummy and fresh. My daughter’s favourite part was the tyre swing. If only that tyre had been a bit bigger, I would have loved a go.

But we didn’t spend all our time at the cottage. Red Barn, which is situated on Venn Farm, is only a 15-minute drive from the Bude seaside. We spent one day at Crooklets Beach, enjoying the sandy beach and the rockpools. We had thought it would be too cold to swim, but Moozles and Dubz had other ideas. They half-stripped and went splashing, and we only got them out of the water because it was lunch time.

We also visited the Eden Project during our stay. Although it takes one hour and 15 minutes to get there, it was worth the drive. We loved the Eden Project, and understand why so many people rave about it. And after a busy day, it was lovely coming back to our cottage and cooking dinner in the modern kitchen.

Cornwall has a lot to offer, but I’m glad our first visit was to North Cornwall. The beaches are lovely, plus it isn’t such a laborious drive from London. It took us about 4 – 4 1/2 hours from Bude to south west London. And we loved the countryside of Venn Farm. It was so peaceful and quiet. And before our visit, Karen from Venn Farm was so helpful in making sure they had everything ready for us and advising me on outings. I felt at ease before the holiday even began.

Venn Farm offers a high chair, cot and stair gates if needed. Those things weren’t necessary for us, but we did appreciate the giant trampoline, tyre swing, football pitch and having lots of space to run around. For city folk like us, it was especially nice going away and really feeling like we had gone away (if that makes sense). We didn’t spend much time watching telly or using our phones. We were playing board games and enjoying the fresh air. And we didn’t want to leave. We will definitely be visiting Cornwall again. Thanks for having us Baby Friendly Boltholes!’

This review was taken from Californian Mum in London’s blog and you can read it and other fabulous posts here on her website.

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