How To Have A Relaxing Self-Catering Getaway With Kids

How To Have A Relaxing Self-Catering Getaway With Kids

Spontaneous weekend away with just a single piece of hand luggage? Not anymore. Now a double-sided packing list and three days to sort the case are more likely. Thankfully, we’re pros at stylish family travel and know being prepared will cut down on family stress – and both baby and parent meltdowns!

Here’s how to have a relaxing self-catering getaway with even the youngest of travellers in tow:


  • Pick your accommodation wisely. At Baby Friendly Boltholes we make it clear exactly what baby/child paraphernalia is available with each property – so you can pack lighter. You can trust any property you book with us is completely family-ready.
  • Pack spare kids’ outfits in the hand luggage. And include a spare top for the grown-ups (you never know when you’ll experience an unexpected spill, leak, or sick-up).
  • Prep traveltainment. Whether you fly, drive, or take a train – make sure you’ve got entertainment on hand for the whole family. We all know digital devices are a lifesaver – no judgement here.
  • Mentally prepare. Some children find it tricky to settle out of their usual routine. Get your little ones mentally prepared (and excited) by explaining about the journey, showing the pictures of your holiday rental, and talking them through the different places you’ll go and things you’ll see.
  • Opt for extra legroom – and buy your baby a seat. If budget allows when flying, always opt for extra legroom and buy your baby a seat even if they could safely travel on your lap. That extra seat is a lifesaver when you need a break from being jumped on, or would just like to have easy-access to your nappy/snack/toy bag without having to go in and out of the overhead lockers.
  • Do your research. We know researching all the resort restaurants in advance removes the fun of the surprise, but getting on Tripadvisor and doing your research will save you the disappointment of getting stuck in an eatery that frowns on noisy children or has a limited menu. Look out for reviews from other families and you’ll cut down on time thinking about where to eat when hunger strikes, and they get crabby.


It’s worth making a note of where the nearest supermarket is in advance too. So you can unpack at the house and then head-out to fill the fridge as soon as possible.

  • Hit airplane mode. Switching off from the digital world can seem impossible at first, particularly when you’re tired and want to chillout with a social media scroll. But go offline and you’ll soon notice what a difference it makes to quality family time. Offline is the new indulgence.
  • Treat yourself to grown-up luxuries. What optional extras can you treat yourself with to boost the relaxation factor? Beauty treatments, a moonlit swim, a child-free night out – the choice is yours. It might be as simple as packing a good book and actually reading it in the evenings!
  • Keep it real! A self-catering getaway as a family can be relaxing, but it’s probably best to lower your expectations and remember with children we won’t be able to laze about doing nothing all week. Embrace your child’s sense of adventure and seek out a different way of unwinding – let go of your adult responsibilities as much as possible and have fun!


What’s your biggest family-friendly travel tip? Leave us a comment, we’d love to find out.

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