BFB’S Beauty Buy Of The Month!

Right, I’ll admit it. I am a beauty product addict. I’m always taken in by the latest advert claiming some mystery ingredient I’ve never heard of and have little hope of pronouncing is about to fix all my problems. This became an issue for both my bank balance and my ‘beauty cabinet’ which had basically become every spare drawer, box, shelf and handbag in the house! I have since been learning to ration myself. I now carefully pore over beauty blogs, YouTube reviews and relevant Instagram accounts (big shout out here to Alex Steinherr; Beauty Director of GLAMOUR magazine and her amazing recommendations!) trying to find out what items are actually worth the splurge. This has helped. My cabinet is still over flowing but in a much more controlled and curated manner.

So having seen the good, bad and the ugly (namely my face after an encounter with a dodgy facial wax strip!) I thought it would be good to share my favourite finds.

This month I have mainly been waxing lyrical to anyone who’ll listen about Nip + Fab’s new Bust Fix Night Cream. It’s pretty epic. A fan of the original ‘Bust Fix’, when I heard about this new addition I had to try it. Fast forward to three weeks later and I have some pretty happy looking mammary glands! They feel firmer, smoother and dare I say plumper? Basically everything they said they would on the packet. Apparently it’s all down to the ‘Chronodyn’ which ‘actively promotes cell regeneration’. Hard to believe I know, but seriously this stuff works. So what does it entail? It’s pretty easy, every morning I applied the original Bust Fix cream in a circular massage motion around each breast. Every evening I did the same with the new Bust Fix Night cream. It took under 30 seconds to apply and I started noticing a difference after the first few days.

Obviously everyone is different and what works for me may not work for someone else but this product was too good not to share. If your chest is feeling a little neglected; perhaps you recently finished breast feeding or you could do with a little confidence boost, give it a go. Plus at £27 for the two (Bust Fix & Bust Fix Night) creams it’s not going to break the bank. Find out more and buy here 

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