Rainy Days with Little Explorers

April showers and rainy days don’t need to be dull with a toddler. Children love to explore and often enjoy the rain as much as the sunshine. There is something magical about walking in the rain and having pure water tumbling from the sky, washing the cars and watering the fields. Spring brings beautiful ‘soft’ rain gently touching your skin and covering the view with a moving film.

Before heading out check that you have the essential cover ups to keep the kids as dry as possible. It’s always good to have a pair of wellies and a raincoat handy. We especially love Toby Tiger ‘s stylish matching raincoats and wellies. Verbaudet also have a nice range of rain wear for tots. For any missing pushchair rain covers, Kiddicare have a wide range as well as selling universal covers.

Here are a few of our rainy day exploration ideas:

  1. Puddle splashing: Its not just Peppa Pig who’s a fan of jumping in puddles! Once your tot has jumped to their heart’s content you could even have fun with a science experiment. Find a nice big puddle and collect a leaf, a flower petal, a small twig and a pebble and see which floats and which sinks. Kids will also love making leaf ‘boats’ by floating a leaf whilst moving the water with a small stick to set it in motion. Older children might be interested in trying to work out where the puddle disappears to when the sun comes out.
  2. Catching the rain: This is a simple game of running around with a plastic container trying to catch the droplets. A nice easy option for playing in the garden but great fun and a good way to use up some toddler energy!
  3. Sunshine and rainbows: Chunky chalks are great for drawing on the garden floor or a wall. In the rain this becomes even more interesting as the colours will run into each other. Draw some sunshine and a rainbow and watch the rain marble your artwork. Chunky Chalks are available from Yellow Moon.
  4. Droplet Hunting: Very often we miss the beauty of settled droplets by focusing on the wetness. When out for a walk, look for leaves, windows or cars where the rain has settled. Toddlers will enjoying hunting for the largest droplets.
  5. Bug hunt: The Park has a whole new look on a rainy day and is a perfect place for a bug hunt. Look under rocks for bugs that are hiding away or worms that have popped up to say hello.

If you really don’t feel like going out but want to spread a little rain appreciation have a raindrop race on your window. Whatever takes your fancy, enjoy the rain!


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