Jenny Scott – Author & Founder of Mothers-Meeting.Com

“Oh my God! You’re Welsh? I love you!” were pretty much Jenny’s first words to me when we met at a Mothers Meeting BFB getaway a few years back and it was a typical example of how this too cool for school bundle of energy manages to put everyone at ease in her presence, even if, on first sight, she seems the coolest of the cool kids!

Back then, Jenny was just getting started on her mission to prove that motherhood didn’t have to mean the end of life as you knew it but could be the start of a new creative and inspired  era in a woman’s life. She was gathering mums together not for sing-song classes but for  inspiring talks, high energy fitness classes, art gallery visits and life coaching sessions, all imbued

Since the launch of Jenny’s 2014 book “How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool”, a parenting survival guide for a new breed of mums, the Mothers Meeting network has grown from big to huge and the brilliant ‘Netwalking’ events are spreading across the country.


I challenge anyone to follow Jenny on Instagram, buy her book or join in one of her events and not be inspired! Follow Jenny at on Instagram as @mothersmeetings

Buy her book here




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