Farm stays: Bringing Old MacDonald to Life

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm…” No parent of any child under 8 need hear any more but, whilst the joy may have gone out of the song when singing it for the 21st time as essential distraction tactics on a long car journey, there’s nothing to match the magic of seeing it come to life for the first time with your child on one of our farm stays mini breaks.


Being Baby-Friendly Boltholes, you can bet our funky farm stays are the best in the business and certainly places that combine a bit of parental pampering with the kind of fun and adventure the best childhood memories are made of. Whether toddling off on egg collecting missions, bottle feeding lambs, hand feeding goats or petting a pony, this is the kind of spring break little ones will remember forever.


Checkout our 10-Best Funky Farm stays here

Pics below courtesy of North Bradbury Farm

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