Space-Saving Holiday Essentials

It’s tempting to pack half the house for a family holiday, but with excess baggage charges higher than ever, never has there been a bigger incentive to travel light. Here’s our BFB guide to things to the holiday essentials not to leave home without.

1. Snoozeshade – Say goodbye to pegged muslins and coats draped over hot buggies. The Snoozeshade is a brilliant new invention for babies on the move. Made from a lightweight spf 50 black out blind material, it’s designed to fit over most brands of 3 and 4 wheel buggies with hoods. Great for holidays, not only will you keep your tot cool and safe from the sun and heat, but you can keep the all important naptime while on the move so little one has a good rest and grown-ups can get to relax in peace! Snoozeshade £19.99.

2. Mamascarf – Avoid any unwanted stares when breastfeeding by packing this ingenious device that allows mummies to discreetly feed in public without the need for a cushion. The 100% textured cotton Mamascarf comes in a range of colours, price £17.99.

3. Compact Changing Mat from Jojo Maman Bebe, £8.50. A wonderfully compact changing mat with two fold out pockets which has space for nappies and wipes. It even fits into an average size handbag so no need to lug a separate changing bag onto a flight. Also, this fab Granny invention Baby Go – a travel pack of nappy and wipes – is ideal for space saving hand luggage on planes.

4. Little Life Toddler Backpack – Perfect for parents and toddlers who aren’t keen on reins but value an extra level of safety when travelling in busy unfamiliar places. A single, detachable rein clips on to a small back pack worn by the child, which could easily hold wipes and a nappy plus a toy or snack. Little Life from £10.50.
5. Caxton FX Card – BFB finds these a great way to spend abroad without incurring costly credit card charges or poor exchange rates. Order a card from before you go away, load it with euros or dollars and use in exactly the same way as your debit or credit card. ‘Which?’ recently rated the Caxton FX card as better value for money than Tesco’s travel money card. Caxton FX guarantee the best exchange rate and freeze the exchange at the rate you buy – which means you always know how much everything is costing and there are no nasty surprises when opening bills on your return, plus there are no hidden charges like with standard credit cards.

6. Portable Luggage Scales – Precisely weigh you luggage before you leave home and avoid any expensive excess luggage charges with a portable digital luggage scale. From Boots, £16.99

Top tip! Plan ahead for lost luggage
You don’t want to imagine your baggage won’t arrive at the same place as you, however it does happen. Pack an emergency survival kit in your hand luggage: a spare set of swim gear, underwear, a change of clothes, get the kids to travel in their beach shoes, sunglasses and toothbrushes so you can get on with your holiday whilst your suitcases catch up with you.

What do you never leave home without? Share your holiday packing tips with us below.

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