Run for Families by a Family

Baby-Friendly Boltholes aims to be the go-to site for stylish AND child-friendly holidays. Our holy grail are stylish, contemporary, and family friendly villas, cottages and hotels with services like pre-arrival shopping, childcare options, nursery gear, toys and family-friendly meal delivery or restaurants. These are rare, so sometimes we’ll list properties that aren’t quite as stylish as we’d like but are so kid-friendly parents will love them anyway, or that really inspire us but don’t have quite as much baby-kit as we’d like. But we always detail exactly what they have, so parents can make their own decision according to what suits their family best

The Sisters

Sian Williams

BFB Founder and frazzled mum!

Baby-Friendly Boltholes is my second baby. My first was born in July 2005 and opened my eyes to a whole new world of holidays. After a 12-year career spent in the luxury travel business, I'll admit to being a little bit spoilt when it comes to the style, attention to detail and facilities I expect when I stay somewhere and this inspired me to launch Baby-Friendly Boltholes. Like most parents, I thought holidays and mini-breaks would never be the same again with a baby or toddler in tow. Thankfully I was wrong. Friends and colleagues in the tourism industry and the travel media came forward with recommendations that promised I wouldn't have to sacrifice my tastes for my toddler or return needing another break to recover! Before I knew it, I had a list of baby-friendly accommodation that I'd not just be happy to visit, but actually excited by the prospect and I decided to spread the word via Baby-Friendly Boltholes. So, if you're looking for somewhere that combines taste with toddlers and most importantly is run by the kind of people who know that it takes far more than a travel cot and a highchair to make a family-friendly holiday, look no further!

Juliet Williams

Youngest sister and first on the phones!

Juliet is the youngest sister and is frontline on BFB’s telephone’s helping families find their ideal break. She’s also a dab hand at PR taking charge of media requests and the weekly e-newsletter. Known as the family fashionista, She also loves to add her fabulous finds to our blog!

Tori Williams

Middle sister and first on the emails!

Tori is the middle sister. She’s first on the email and Live Chat and quick of the mark when it comes to holiday matchmaking. She’s known as the sensitive one. When not manning her desk she’s practising reiki or nurturing plants in her allotment – she’s saved the office orchids more than once! But don’t let that gentle side fool you, she’s well known for her quick wit too!

Our Second Family

Nicky Fairweather

Chief copywriter and superhero’s mum!

Nicky’s top of the pile when it comes to profiling the accommodation on BFB. Being mum to Jake the tiny tearway or, as he’s known at BFB HQ, ‘Superhero Jake’ - since his outfit of choice generally involves a cape! – she can be relied upon to have a keen eye on the features that make all the difference when travelling with tots in tow!

Gabriella Havlinova

Accounts and admin whizz!

Gabi is BFB’s in-house bookkeeper and admin assistant. Her feisty Czech personality keeps us all on our toes when it comes to paperwork but she’s a softie at heart and never more so than talking about her new niece who was born in 2013.

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