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Self Catering Family Holidays

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When thinking of family holidays abroad, self-catering is always a good option to choose. Renting an apartment or villa is a great alternative to child friendly hotels and gives the opportunity for the family to feel a little more independent and self-sufficient.

Imagine staying in a quaint, baby friendly cottage in Normandy, France or a beachfront apartment in Spain. The family will feel completely at home in a charming villa in Lanzarote, Spain or a traditional Tuscan home in Italy. How about enjoying a wonderful, traditional chalet in the mountains of Bavaria or taking a dip in your own private pool in lovely Valencia, Spain.
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Be self-indulgent in a luxury villa that’s also perfect for the kids in one of our self catering holidays abroad. Don’t compromise on style, comfort or cost with Baby Friendly Boltholes carefully selected self catering holidays abroad.

Early holidays are magical experiences, especially in a foreign country. Spark the travel bug early and teach your little ones to explore new cultures, eat new food and love exciting new places just as much as you do!

The adventure starts here, book with Baby Friendly Boltholes or find your perfect escape, here!

Flexible Family Holidays

We understand the freedom and flexibility that self catering holidays abroad afford you and your family. Take full advantage of the Spanish sun or explore the Italian alps with the whole family with our self catering family holidays in Europe. Coupled with frequent flights, our self catering accommodations in Europe make getting away with the whole family easier than ever before. Our family-centric team have already done the hard work for you to ensure that every member of your family – little or big – love their family holiday of a lifetime. All you have to worry about it negotiating the airport with your tots!

Getting away with little ones – particularly abroad – can be a lot of effort, but our accommodations for self catering family holidays provide you with the privacy of your own home to go about your individual routines. Keep the transition of travel as stress free as possible for your tots and stay in self catering holidays abroad, to enjoy flexible mealtimes, quiet naptimes and the comfort and security for your little ones to play and wander. You don’t have to worry about the mess, either!

Self Catering Holidays For The Whole Family

Organising a getaway for your family can be tough – but liaising with your extended family is even more work! Avoid the pressure of hosting in your own home or negotiating questionable sleeping arrangements and choose one of our large, self catering family holidays. Stay in a manner house in the rustic French countryside, enjoying poolside fun with everyone or choose a luxury rental in the fantastic Portuguese Algarve, where adults can take full advantage of the baby sitting service and nip away to enjoy authentic Portuguese dining or shopping or even the world renowned golf courses. Should a grandparent or two wish to tag along, you’ll be well equipped with a built-in ‘granny nanny’ too!

Gather the extended family or a group of friends and make memories at your own pace! We are confident you will enjoy spontaneity or classic holiday indulgences with all the fantastic options available, you are sure to discover a destination to suit everyone’s tastes!

Get Adventurous With Our Self Catering Holidays Abroad

Just because you’re a parent, does not mean you have to sacrifice your wanderlust! Travelling with kids in the modern day is easier and more affordable than ever, but where you rest your head can still be tricky. With Baby Friendly Boltholes you can be confident that when you reach your destination, you can recover in a luxurious environment, with your own space to be a family whilst a tropical paradise is waiting just outside your windows.

With our self catering family holidays in Thailand, you can enjoy the best Asia has to offer, surrounded by tropical vegetation and wild, unspoiled views from the comfort of a luxury villa, equipped with everything to keep your family entertained! Whether that’s indoor entertainment whilst babies snooze through the midday sun or the pool for splashing around in all afternoon! If you prefer a more action-packed adventure, self catering holidays abroad in Florida are the perfect way to explore Disney World and all the best theme parks before retiring to your own home, with private swimming pool and jacuzzi. Florida really is the best of both worlds with stunning golf courses and excellent global access, it’s a big kid playground too!