Thank you.
It has meant the world to the BFB sisters that so many of you have continued to book UK trips and holidays abroad with us, a family-run business, and, by doing so, helped support all the fabulous family-run holiday accommodations we work with. We know you are nervous with holiday companies big and small not surviving, but we want you to know there are ways we protect you.

Firstly, although we may not seem it, we are a lean little company and as such, we will find it easier than most to weather the challenges we all face.

Secondly, when you book a holiday via the BFB website, or by chatting with us by phone or online, your payment goes not to us, but directly to the accommodation. So, your booking contract is with them and if anything should happen to us, your holiday payment is safe.

So why bother booking with us? Well, several reasons: we verify the property owner and accommodation, we ensure the baby/toddler gear you need is in place, and, if a problem should arise, or you need to make changes due to Covid, we will assist. Plus, we are just nice people… honestly!

So, we remain at our desks – sometimes home-offices so excuse the odd mini-me interruption on our side! – hoping to help families look forward to a change of scene, fresh air, good food, open spaces and general rejuvenation.
There’s no doubt travel has become more complicated with guidance changing frequently but we are trying to simplify it as much as we can.
We have asked the properties we work with to try and be as generous and flexible as they can afford* to be whilst also putting safety and common sense at the forefront. With that in mind, you will find a ‘Covid-19 Update’ paragraph on listings next to the availability calendars. This will detail the most accurate information on cancellation policies and access to facilities. Please read this carefully as it sometimes affects access to pools, playrooms, toys and even baby kit. Also, consider using the comments box on our booking form to reconfirm these things.

*The word ‘afford’ is important here as so many of them are small family run businesses who have borne the brunt of the Corona Virus fall-out thanks to unhelpful business insurance companies!


If a property owner/manager has not amended their cancellation policy, then you will find that our suggested policy applies when a booking request is made on this website. That policy states that, when accepting a booking request sent from a BFB client using the BFB online booking form, that owner agrees to offer the terms below:

  • 1. A Small 25% Deposit to Secures the Booking - This is non-refundable except if a lockdown is placed on the area in which the property is located, in which case a refund or date exchange will be offered.
  • 2. A Delayed Balance Payment – Payment of the balance of the booking need not be made until 28 days before arrival date.

We recommend purchasing Covid-19 inclusive insurance cover (Coverwise seem to have the best) in case of government restrictions affecting the area in which you (the customer) based but not the accommodation’s own location.
In any circumstance when a BFB client needs to cancel a break, we will offer any assistance we can. Provided the booking was made on the BFB booking system, we will use our social media outlets to promote the cancellation availability in the hope of providing a replacement booking so that the accommodation provider may in turn offer a full or part refund.

Thank you again and here’s to broadening our horizons and making happy family memories again!

Best wishes

Sian Williams

Ps, Email me directly here if you have any queries or feedback.