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Baby Friendly Self Catering UK

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Self-catering is a great option for those looking for a family-friendly holiday in the United Kingdom. We’ve curated a collection of stylish and luxurious but totally family-friendly cottages, apartments and villas that are a great alternative to child-friendly hotels thanks to the extra space and flexibility that they offer.
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Finding a balance between excitement and relaxation is a hard task when organising a family getaway, especially when you are travelling as a multi-generational group. Find a destination that has space to play, new places to explore and relaxing facilities to indulge in, all without leaving the UK. Although we do have self-catering accommodations across the globe, our baby friendly self catering UK options provide the freedom to be a family, for short breaks as well as extended stays.

Enjoy at-home luxury with baby friendly UK accommodations; As mother’s ourselves, we know that simple is often best. Here at Baby Friendly Boltholes we strive to make your holidays as simple and stress free as possible, because the most magical memories are made from love and laughter and quality time together – though beautiful surroundings do make for great pictures!

Our Baby Friendly Self Catering UK accommodations come in so many shapes and sizes; you can choose from cottages on the coast, villas with pools or larger houses perfect for cosying in the winter months or celebrating the sun in the gardens with the whole family. Whatever your preferred choice, our baby friendly self catering UK accommodations are sure to give you the freedom of private spaces away from other guests, for your family to enjoy at your own pace, to warm bottles and keep to your routines.

Why Choose To Go Self Catering?

Getting away altogether is often an uphill task, but when you book Baby Friendly Self Catering UK accommodation, you have the freedom to just bundle in the car and avoid the hassle of air travel if you really want to. If your chosen destination is a long way, why not break the journey up and stop in at another Baby Friendly UK cottage or apartment?

Our stylish cottages or cool apartments all have separate living spaces. This means that you can tuck the little ones up at night and continue to enjoy the evening on the patio, or some adult time in the living spaces. For the best of both worlds as well as an ultimate pampering experience, pick a baby friendly self catering UK retreat that has the option for gourmet meal delivery. This means you can cook for the tots and still enjoy the delights of dining out.

Every baby friendly self catering UK retreat is handpicked by the family-centric team here at Baby Friendly Boltholes. We choose spots that have the facilities to exhaust the little ones, and the big kids too! After a day in the pool, exploring coves and beaches or feeding the animals at the farm stay, going back to our baby friendly self catering UK destinations truly is like going home. Our self catering options all have stylish spaces, often with unique interiors and cool outside spaces, but they all guarantee a home away from home atmosphere, completely equipped for your family.

Baby Friendly UK Destinations

Baby Friendly UK destinations are the perfect place for a quick weekend break or a long summer stay. Our handpicked selection of baby friendly self catering UK retreats are as diverse and exciting as the British Isles and we are sure we can provide something for everyone.

Make memories close to home with our approved baby friendly self catering UK retreats; a farm stay in the midlands, hike to your hearts content in the lake district or enjoy the cosy interiors of a costal cottage. Consider booking a little extra space on your next city stay and reserve one of our conveniently located apartments. Always equipped for your family, our self catering apartments are the perfect way to explore the city or visit for a special occasion before relaxing in your own space.

Book for baby friendly UK apartments, cottages or retreats for your ultimate family getaway, today!

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