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Baby Friendly Chang Mai

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Family Holidays in Chang Mai

Thailand is a fascinating destination for family holidays offering plenty in the way of adventure and fun. Chiang Mai is a city offering child friendly hotels for that extra peace of mind on an overseas holiday in a beautiful setting, surrounded by ancient brick walls and centuries-old moats.

Those with an interest in history will enjoy strolling the ancient ramparts, temples and monuments. If in the mood for a shopping experience, street vendors abound selling fascinating souvenirs to take home and traditional snacks.

If in the shopping mood later in the day, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a great place to pick up attractive local handicrafts, wood carvings and toys, Thai silks and souvenir t-shirts to take home. There’s also a variety of local snacks and sweets on offer while exploring the market before heading back for a comfortable night in baby friendly accommodation in the city.

The children will love a visit to the Chiang Mai Zoo, which offers a panda environment as well as a chance to see the white tigers, an aviary full of beautiful tropical birds and the monkey islands, full of the fun and cheeky residents.

For a real adventure, the Patara Elephant Farm gives the opportunity for children to look after an Asian elephant for the day while helping the farm in their conservation efforts. Patara is involved in a dedicated breeding elephant program and will fascinate and educate the whole family.

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