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Baby Friendly Spain Self-Catering

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Spain is top of the list of many people's ideal destination for a family holiday from the UK. Being just a short flight away, offering beautiful sunshine most of the year and with a stunning culture, it is a great place to escape with the kids.
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Family Holidays in Spain

Whether you choose to head for a family beach holiday in the Costa Del Sol, a city break in Barcelona or Madrid or an activity break in the Sierra Nevada you can have the perfect family holiday in Spain. Child friendly hotels are easy to find wherever you go, and if you've got even younger children then you won't struggle to find a resort with a crèche either.

There's no doubt that Spain is a fantastic place for a family holiday and has a great selection of the best family hotels in Spain. Whatever kind of break you're searching for to escape the travails of everyday life, Spain will be able to offer you what you want. It's also got plenty to keep the kids busy too, leaving you to relax with a cocktail in the sun...

Regions in Spain