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Baby Friendly Murcia

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The region of Murcia in south-eastern Spain has a lot to offer in the way of family holidays, both in Murcia, the region’s capital and along the coastline. The Costa Cálida (or warm coast) offers a selection of child friendly hotels and resorts as well as a great seaside experience with beaches, water sports and more.
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Family Holidays in Murcia

Cities such as Murcia and Cartagena offer much in the way of historic locations to visit as well as excellent shopping and dining. While in Murcia, the children will enjoy a visit to the Aquarium of the University of Murcia. This is an official research facility but has been opened to visitors, displaying fascinating tanks of reefs, with corals and fish from not only the Mediterranean and Mar Menor, but also the Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Red Sea. The Science and Water Museum is also a great location for the children with its planetarium, science square and perception modules.

Heading to the beaches, for the smaller children La Manga del Mar Menor is perfect, as the large lagoon there is shallow and completely safe, if too shallow for parents to swim. However, the whole of the Costa Calida offers an excellent coastline with attractive cliffs, endless kilometres of white sand and the ideal temperature, making it an all-year-round destination with baby friendly accommodation to suit everyone.

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