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Baby Friendly Ibiza

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One of the Spanish Balearic Islands right out in the Mediterranean, Ibiza might be better known as a “party island.” However the island also offers so much in the way of attractions for family holidays and some amazing accommodation too. There are several child friendly hotels and resorts available in Ibiza city itself and in other smaller towns on the island.
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Family Holidays in Ibiza

Part of the fun of Ibiza is exploring the capital city itself, with a great shopping and dining experience on offer. The beaches on the island are excellent and are never far away, as the island is only 41km long and 14km wide. All the usual water sports are on offer and the most of the year the water is perfect for snorkeling. Inland there are beautiful forested areas to hike and explore.

Among other fun things to do, Air Zone Ibiza makes for a good laugh for the whole family. You get strapped into orbs (Cyclone & Vortex), which are basically big plastic balls made to roll around on the hillsides. Or climb into Anfibios and walk on the water without getting wet. The island also offers several fun boat trips which are enjoyable for both children and parents alike.

In short, with much in the way of baby friendly accommodation on the island, the whole family can have relaxation and fun with peace of mind.

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