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Baby Friendly Alto Alentejo

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Alto Alentejo is a popular, but less travelled, region of Portugal with much to offer for family holidays. There are plenty of child friendly hotels available, especially in the major centers like Évora, Elvas and Estremoz, among others.
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Family Holidays in Alto Alentejo

The city of Évora is particularly popular for families interested in the historic side of things, as the well-preserved old town center is still partially enclosed by medieval walls. A number of monuments dating from various historic eras can be seen, including a Roman temple, and the town is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Alentejo coast is also a great alternative to the busy and popular beaches of the Algarve and the dramatic coastline, overlooking the Atlantic Sea, offers seemingly endless golden sandy beaches backed by a beautifully unspoiled landscape. Surfing and other water sports are available on the coast to suit the whole family. Heading inland, beautiful pinewood and cork forests surround rivers where it is possible to enjoying canoeing, bird watching, horse riding and many other rural activities.

For families looking for a restful and enjoyable holiday, Alto Alentejo has plenty to offer and parents will have peace of mind with the baby friendly accommodation available in the region.

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