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Baby Friendly Malta

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When looking for a destination which is perfect for the whole family, Malta is the ideal choice. Malta is a safe and tranquil place with many attractions, whether for pure relaxation or an activity-packed holiday.

For those looking for sun and sand, Malta has plenty of excellent beaches, ranging from the busy and crowded seaside resort environment right through to quieter and more secluded sunny spots. Many resorts along the coastline offer swimming pools, baby-sitting services and so much more for the whole family.
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Family Holidays in Malta

For those with an interest in history, the island is jam-packed with fascinating historic sites to explore, including Roman ruins, walled cities, medieval casts and so much more. Many of these interesting spots offer great fun for the children in the way of historic re-enactments and pageants, with participants dressed as anything from noblemen and ladies right through to soldiers and knights in the traditional shining armour.

Besides the more historic side of life, Malta offers many entertainment options including seasonal open-air music events, concerts, exhibitions and carnivals, great for the whole family to enjoy. Most towns and cities offer open-top tour buses, always a favourite, as well as harbour cruises, horse riding, hiking and mountain bike activities.

All along the way, Malta offers some of the best baby-friendly accommodations, giving you the opportunity to relax and have fun with the whole family.

Regions in Malta