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Baby Friendly Tuscany

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Both Tuscany and Umbria are gorgeous regions to visit in Italy, and both are perfect for some of the best family holidays. The lovely vistas of rolling green hills, interspersed with farmlands and vineyards along with majestic and historic cities make both regions an ideal destination for the whole family.Zakynthos is an island located in the Ionian Sea in Greece and is the third-largest island in the area. The island has much to offer in the way of family holidays as well as baby friendly accommodation.
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Family Holidays in Tuscany and Umbria

There is plenty in the way of baby friendly accommodation, especially in the rural areas, offering both lovely surrounding scenery and often swimming pools set in beautifully manicured gardens. In the tiny villages close by, enjoy the typical cuisine of the area along with the availability of tasty local produce to experiment with and cook yourselves.

For those with the city life in mind, the famous and popular historic cities of both Tuscany and Umbria offer some excellent child friendly hotels. In Tuscany, visit incredible Florence, Siena and Livorno, among others. Get the kids to pose for a photo with the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background or head off to Umbria and visit the many historic Roman and Etruscan sites in the area.

Whatever your choice might be, you are guaranteed peace of mind and the chance to relax and have a great time with the whole family.

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