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Baby Friendly Zakynthos

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Zakynthos is an island located in the Ionian Sea in Greece and is the third-largest island in the area. The island has much to offer in the way of family holidays as well as baby friendly accommodation.
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Family Holidays in Zakynthos

The island offers wide sandy beaches where children can swim and enjoy watching the sea turtles and the monachus monachus seal, both of which species are under protection on the island. Older members of the family can have fun snorkeling or scuba diving among the rocks and the more daring can enjoy diving adventures in underwater caves on the western part of the island.

There are plenty of water sports on offer, including sailing or surfing, but for those wishing to head inland, there are trekking tours on offer in the fertile valleys and more mountainous areas with plenty to see and amazing views across the island and out to sea.

The city of Zakynthos itself offers much in the way of historic visits with castles, churches and museums to be found.

Throughout the island there are great traditional dining experiences to be enjoyed and exploring the streets and shops will give hours of entertainment. With plenty of child friendly hotels on offer, the whole family can enjoy peace of mind and relaxation while experiencing the perfect Greek holiday.

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