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Baby Friendly Lefkas

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When planning family holidays on the Greek islands, Lefkas (or Lefkada as it is also known) is an ideal destination. Lefkas is connected to the mainland of Greece by a floating bridge and is easy to reach. While the island is small, it has several great towns and cities to visit and some excellent beach resorts, all offering the best in child friendly hotels.
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Family Holidays in Lefkas

The scenery in Lefkas is among the best of the Greek islands as it offers beautiful, lush green surroundings, pretty pastel-coloured towns and perfect horseshoe shaped bays. Besides the many beautiful sandy beaches, there are several boat tours on offer, perfect for the whole family.

For families with older children there are several water sports on offer, including parasailing and paragliding, as well as scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing and kayaking in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

Families will enjoy the nature parks available on this lovely green island, including the Nidri Waterfalls where it is possible to swim in the pool below as well as the fascinating Papanikolis Cave, which was used by submarines in World War II.

All in all this beautifully scenic spot offers plenty of baby friend accommodation and attractions to suit the entire family.

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