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Baby Friendly Germany

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Family Holidays in Germany

Germany might not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of a family holiday, but this is a beautiful country with a rich culture and can make a fantastic alternative to the usual holiday by the pool.

A family holiday in Germany offers variety, intrigue and beautiful surroundings. The main cities are all child friendly, whether you're in Berlin, Munich or any of the other major areas. Go from the chocolate museum in Cologne to the largest model railway in Hamburg (this might be a secret treat for some of the adults too!). Alternatively you could venture out of the cities and into the beautiful countryside, because Germany has plenty of it. With hidden castles and palaces in amongst the hills, it really is an enchanting place and can feel like you're stepping into a fairytale at times.

Child friendly accommodation is also easy to come by throughout Germany, with everything from quiet bed and breakfast to luxury family hotels meaning you will always be able to find a suitable place to stay. Baby friendly hotels are also plentiful, and we've got the very best listed here on Baby Friendly Boltholes so you can choose from the best!