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Baby Friendly Normandy

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Normandy is a region of France with so much to offer when it comes to family holidays. Whether choosing fun at the seaside or enjoying everything on offer in the rural areas, there are many options available in the way of activities and for accommodation there are some excellent child friendly hotels.
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Family Holidays in Normandy

For the youngsters, activities include zoos, animal and adventure parks, forest adventures, mazes, leisure and water-themed parks. Older kids can have fun with laser games, paintballing or even bungee jumping, if parents allow. Getting around in the region is fun too, whether hiking, biking or on the back of a horse or donkey. There are tourist trains available to take the family to popular destinations in the region.

When it comes to the coastline the scenery includes lovely sandy beaches, framed by high cliffs. There are also many fun rock pools for the children to dabble in, exploring the smaller sea life that is washed ashore, while parents can relax on the beach, breathing in the fresh sea air. Boating, sailing and other water sports are on offer to suit all.

With so much baby friendly accommodation available in Normandy, this is the ideal destination for fun and relaxation for the whole family to enjoy.

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