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Baby Friendly Loire

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Loire is an inland area of in the east-central part of France, situated at the upper reaches of the River Loire. The Loire valley is an ideal destination for family holidays, surrounded by lovely scenery. The area offers some excellent baby friendly accommodation in the midst of nature with so much to see and do for the whole family.
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Family Holidays in Loire

For the more active family, the area is criss-crossed with cycling routes suitable for all levels of stamina and along the way it is possible to visit various castles and other interesting historic locations. Great fun can be had by all at several leisure and amusement parks in the region including the Val de Loire Aquarium in Amboise, which features river species, the Lulu Parc amusement park in Rochecorbon or the Family Park in Youpimom.

Stay in town and enjoy the many child friendly hotels in the area, or head to the countryside for fresh air and adventure. While in the rural areas, gourmets can enjoy a visit to several wineries and farms where delicious local specialties in the way of wine and food can be enjoyed and purchased to take home. Loire is definitely an excellent location to suit everyone in the family.

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