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Baby Friendly Limousin

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While many might think of the word "Limousin" as being related to a rather large car, this region of France, up in the north western part of the Massif Central, is one of the smallest and beautiful regions in the country. With its wonderful scenery and quaint architecture, Limousin is a fascinating place to enjoy family holidays.
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Baby Friendly Holidays in Limousin

Limoges, the regional capital, is a city of both art and history, with several areas dating back to medieval times and several child friendly hotels available. Besides shopping and dining, one particularly interesting place to visit in Limoges is the Porcelaine Museum.

For a historic experience which is probably best for older children, visit Oradour sur Glane, which went through the horrors of World War II when the Waffen SS torched the village in some kind of mistaken act of reprisal. A sobering visit, the village remains as it was left after the attack, serving as a memory of the horrors and brutality of war.

Aubusson is an interesting visit. The capital of the tapestry industry, the town offers tapestry museums and workshops, as well as a fascinating old town to explore.

If the family enjoys water sports, the Dordogne Valley is the place to be, where sailing is available on the artificial lakes along with kayaking on the river. Further afield, head to the Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches where outdoor activities such as hiking and horse riding are available.

There are many more attractions in the Limousin region to suit the whole family, plus a range of baby friendly accommodation to relax after a day of exploring.

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