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Baby Friendly Burgundy

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Nestled in an inland area of France, Burgundy covers four departments, namely Côte-d'Or, Saône-et-Loire, Yonne and Nièvre. The name Burgundy is synonymous with excellent wine, and the region is, in fact, one of the main wine producing areas of France. If mum and dad are wine lovers, they will be spoiled for choice for the many excellent wines available in the area.
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Family Holidays in Burgundy

However, the region is perfect for family holidays for many other reasons besides the great wine. The beautiful, often mountainous scenery along with endless vistas of grapevines make for a lovely location to visit and explore. Throughout the region, many child friendly hotels are to be found, perfect for the whole family.

For the children, being out and about and exploring nature is always a popular activity and there are several zoos and farms to visit. For those wishing to explore further, many hiking and riding trails are available throughout the countryside and the region offers several excellent amusement and adventure parks offering plenty of fun for everyone.

Whether staying in the larger towns or enjoying the fresh air in the countryside, there is plenty of baby friendly accommodation, offering peace of mind and loads of comfort for the whole family.

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