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Baby Friendly Limassol

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Limassol is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus and offers plenty in the way of attractions and accommodation for family holidays, with many child friend hotels available.

For those families with history in mind, the port city’s historical centre is worth a visit, including Limassol Castle, the Kourion Greco-Roman theatre and the Old Port, while the modern city sprawls along the Mediterranean coastline.
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Family Holidays in Limassol

The city has an excellent modern marina and plenty of beaches suitable for both sunbathing and swimming, including a bathing beach with all the necessary modern facilities in the Dasoudi area of Limassol.

To keep the children amused, Limassol has many attractions including the small Limassol zoo located in the municipal gardens on the seafront with its adjacent children’s playground. The Galactica Luna Park and Bowling offers 24-lane bowling along with billiards for the parents, an Internet café to catch up with home and various video games. Just outside Limassol, the kids can have loads of fun at the Fasouri Watermania Waterpark, offering more than 20 different water slides and pools to suit all ages.

With plenty of baby friendly accommodation available, Limassol offers a chance for the whole family to have fun and for parents to relax with peace of mind during their holiday.

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