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Our Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer when you visit a web page. Cookies enable a website to tailor information presented to you based on your browsing preferences and statistical data.

Do cookies mean I could get cold calls or junk mail?

We never use the data gathered through cookies to contact you.

Why does Baby Friendly Boltholes use Cookies?

Baby Friendly Boltholes uses cookies to collect data about the performance of our website to help us develop the best possible user experience for visitors.
We use cookies to track your visit to our website, making use of Google's Analytics code.
This information is only used for analytical purposes, and will be limited to a minimum. This type of cookie does not hold personally identifiable information.

Can cookies harm my computer?

No. Cookies do not harm your computer and cannot carry viruses. Cookies are intended to enhance your experience of a website, rather than obstruct it.

Cookies used by Baby Friendly Boltholes

For the best experience on any Boltholes website, your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet will need to accept cookies. Without cookies, you will not be able to make a booking, or benefit from certain website features.
Below, we list the websites and domains that generate the cookies used within our website, along with their purpose.

This cookie is generated by our website and holds a small, simple set of basic information about the visitor, including time spent on the site. It is deleted when the browser is closed and does not contain any personal details or anything that could let someone gain access to private and confidential information.
We use Google's services for tracking and analysing site visits and the popularity of certain sections. We also offer links to Google's Plus social networking service. A number of cookies are generated by the domains listed above. They are not harmful or a potential security threat and you are not giving personal information away to Google or any other 3rd party by allowing these cookies to be created and for them to send site usage data to google.
We make use of the AddThis social networking tool to make it easy to share BFB content with others across your favourite social networks. We also interact with Facebook and Pinterest to bring content from the BFB presence on those services into the website to improve the experience for our users. Cookies are generated by, and for these purposes.
You will find that booking a holiday through our website involves interacting with the online booking system provided by SuperControl. Cookies are created for this purpose. They do not store payment details and cannot be used to gain access to your personal or financial information.
These connect to advertising services that we have partnered with to deliver advertising to our visitors that we are confident is relevant and non-intrusive.

Managing Cookies

How to Disable Cookies
On Your PC
Internet Explorer
Go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
Click on the Privacy tab
Use the slider to change your cookie settings to how you want them. A description of each setting will appear next to each option.
Mozilla Firefox
Go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
Click on the Privacy icon
Change the history settings to set your browser to reject all cookies, or to tailor your cookie settings to how you want them.
Google Chrome
Click on the spanner and select "Settings", which will open in a new tab
On the left hand side, select "Under the Hood"
Click "Content Settings" under "Privacy"
Choose your preferred option in the cookies menu
On an Apple Mac
Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS X)
Choose Preferences from Explorer menu
Select Receiving Files options
Select Cookies
Choose your preferred settings
Choose Preferences from the Edit menu.
Select Privacy & Security, then select Cookies.
Choose your preferred settings.
Safari 1.0 (MacOS X)
Choose Preferences from Safari menu
Select Security icon
Cookie settings are shown in window
Choose your preferred settings
Go to Opera in the main menu and select Preferences (or press Alt+P to access them directly)
Select Privacy
Go to "Settings" and then select "Safari"
Click on "Privacy", where you will be able to change your cookie settings
Go to "Settings" and then select "Safari"
Click on "Privacy", where you will be able to change your cookie settings
Samsung Galaxy
In the internet browser, open the menu and select "More"
Choose "Settings"
Scroll down to "Privacy", and then click to accept or reject cookies, or to clear cookie data
All Other Mobile Devices
All Other Mobile Devices Please consult the device owner's manual.

More Information About Cookies

To learn more about cookies, how to manage them and how they affect your online activities, visit or

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